“I have only been doing this a little more than a year, but I felt that if this old dog could learn a few new tricks, why not pass it on?”


Old School Pottery is a Instructional and Informational Pottery learning series created by Chuck Palm with the intent on creating more potters, and promoting Pottery as an alternative Therapy.  The show format is simple, and engaging, with fun facts and techniques passed on to the viewer from Chuck’s personal experience. As a veteran, he is passionate about helping other veterans find other forms of therapy through the arts.
The show was created in 2021 with a mission in mind to promote the ceramic arts, and healing through hands-on experiences.

“I probably have very little business offering a show on how to make pottery. I have only been doing this a little more than a year, but I felt that if this old dog could learn a few new tricks, why not pass it on?”

The idea came about the time the Covid pandemic hit. It was a time to shift gears, and do some things at home. I also had a shoulder injury, and was limited in how I could work and lift stuff. Pottery became a way for me to take my mind off of my limitations, and frustration at not being able to do certain tasks. I soon found out that this was an amazing stress relief, and gave me a focus and serenity I’d not had in a long time!

I have to point out that learning pottery is not a “1 hour YouTube Video” kind of experience. It’s also not for those of you who have little patience, or expect perfect results right out of the gate. Trust me, my frustration and patience levels were tested greatly at first, but then I learned to learn from each failure, and realize that it’s a numbers game. Make a lot of pots, expect more than half of them at first to not be up to par, or not make the kiln (breakage, cracks, warping, all major factors). But once you get a few under your belt, you’ll understand why it’s all worth it.

I’ve always been fascinated by ceramics, but I thought pottery was a bit too “snobby” for me. I thought “that was for the true artists.” Oh how wrong I was! I found a ton of instruction online, and some local training that gave me the basics. Much of what I’ve learned I’ve done by making mistakes, and learning how to overcome them, so naturally, it made sense that I would share what I learned, and give others a chance to experience what I had learned was so helpful in dealing with so many health issues!

I found that “hands-on” crafts, like ceramics and woodworking, were getting better results in helping veterans overcome PTSD and other stress and brain related injuries. (See link for referenced study and cases.) I don’t claim to be a therapist, nor do I offer any training to people with the idea that I can help them with any therapy, but I do believe that Alternate Therapies are gaining big ground, and recognition for clinical trials are showing results that outperform drug therapies https://www.healthline.com/health/art-therapy-for-ptsd#How-to-find-the-right-art-therapist

If you decide to undertake this hobby, for any reason, look me up and let me know how it’s going. My “Socials” are listed below, and I’d love to hear your comments about the show or what you’d like to see covered in a future episode!

Happy Mudslinging!
– Chuck

Who is Chuck Palm?

  Chuck Palm is a multiple media artist.  He grew up working in the family ceramic shop, where he learned to sculpt and make molds.  Chuck has worked as a professional special effects make up artist for the film industry, and has made props and other set decorations for feature films.  With over 25 years experience in sculpting, teaching, and mold making, Chuck has been passionate about his work, and his clients’ satisfaction in every project. Chuck’s wife, Kerstin, often helps with the ceramics and glazes many of the pieces that Chuck creates.  Look for Chuck’s work on movies, in ceramic shops, signage, and online at www.PalmCreativeStudios.com